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Do you or your staff need to prevent and manage
Anger,  Aggression or Violence?

If you, your staff or your organisation need help with...

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Managing anger - either clients, customers or that of your staff members.

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Dealing with verbal aggression in face to face situations or via the telephone.

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The prevention of or dealing with physical threats and assaults from customers or clients (including when there is a duty of care i.e. Schools, Hospitals, Care homes).  

If you or your staff have...
  Ever been threatened or felt afraid?
  Ever been physically assaulted? 
  Ever had to deal with someone who is just too angry?
If anger, aggression or violence is getting in the way of providing an efficient service or having a harmonious workplace, then decide that it is time to stop unacceptable and damaging behaviour and contact us now...

Details of Protectics courses are available
on this website. Alternatively, if you need an immediate
answer, act now and call
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and we can discuss your specific requirements.


Our training courses and coach and trainer training courses will help you to improve security, develop your people, reduce sickness leave and staff turnover, reduce the chance of litigation or criminal charges against your organisation and increase productivity and profitability.  
NOTE: Training can take place anywhere that is convenient for you - Worldwide.

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The following testimonial was received after we designed and delivered Personal Safety Workshops for staff that had a variety of challenges to face.

"We were delighted with the course you ran and felt that it met our personal safety awareness training needs. In particular it reminded us that to do a job well also includes the need to do it safely, so much so that officers felt confident enough to report ‘near miss’ incidents in subsequent shifts so that we could warn other staff.


The council staff are often in a potentially confrontational situation and often work late at night or early morning where aggression and or alcohol may be a factor influencing the people they meet. 


The primary aims of the workshop were to advise staff of issues and techniques they could use to keep them safe and to increase staff awareness of threats that they might face. In all of these areas the course was highly successful. 


Despite being about a very serious subject the workshops were delivered by Robert in a relevant,  light-hearted, interesting and amusing manner which both relaxed delegates and encouraged participation and openness on the issues. 


Thank you for all your interest and hard work."


Eartha Davis
Environmental Protection 

Tower Hamlets Council


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"Just thought you would like to know that I met a couple of the people who attended your course last week and they were raving about it."

B Tankel - Course organiser.




MD & Lead Trainer

The MD & Lead Trainer is Robert Agar-Hutton. Robert has over 22 years of experience in designing and delivering courses on the management of Anger, Aggression and Violence and is the author of the book "How To Deal With Verbal Aggression"

How To Deal With Verbal Aggression